Beverly J Hansen Trust Land Sale

Beverly Hansen Trust Multi-Parcel Land Auction

Selling 274.6 acres in 4 different parcels Located in Section 32 Windom and Section 1 Lyle Townships.

Offering Mutliple Land Parcels with Bidders Choice. This Auction will contain 4 Real Estate Parcels with the top bidder of each round choosing the Parcel of there choosing. The Auction will contain 4 lots and will be sold to the highest bidders.

Beverly J Hansen Trust Multi-Parcel
Land Auction
Trustee: Leland Aanonson

Selling 274.6 Acres in 4 Separate Parcels

Thursday, February 17th 2022 @ 10:00 a.m. – LIVE BIDDING ONLY

Auction Location: Rose Creek, MN Community Center
105 Maple Street SE, Rose Creek MN 55970

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  1. Parcel #1, 80.2 +/- acres Located in Lyle Township Section 1 township 101 Range 018 E ½ NE ¼. This parcel is made up of 77.96 acres with a CPI rating of 79.5.
  2. Parcel #2, 74.2 +/- acres Located in Windom Township, Section 32 Township 102 Range 017 S1/2 SW ¼. The 6.57 Acre Building site has been surveyed off. This parcel consists of 70.34 tillable acres and has a CPI Rating of 87.
  3. Parcel #3 79.79 +/- acres Located in Windom Township Section 32 Township 102 NW 1/4. Excluding NW1/4 NW ¼. This Parcel part of the 120-acre parcel and is Subject to Survey. The 120-acre parcel will be offered as two parcels and 80- and 40-acre parcel
  4. Parcel #4 40.41 +/- acres Located in Windom Township Section Township 102 NW ¼ of the NW 1/4. Subject to Survey

This auction will be an absolute auction to settle the estate of Beverly J Hansen. Parcels will be offered for sale by bidders’ choice with 4 rounds of bidding. Bidders will need a bank letter of approval submitted to the auction company 2 business days prior to the auction.
Each successful bidder will be required to bring earnest money of 10% of final purchase price and sign purchase agreement at the conclusion of the auction.

Hoversten, Johnson, Beckmann & Hovey, LLP Law Office are representing the sellers on all closing and legal manners. Closing will be on or before March 31st 2022. All parcels rental leases have expired in 2021.

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